Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

I’m a contradiction. I don’t trust at all and then I fall in love. My timing is always impeccably terrible and I’m a sucker for the following.

1. Give me your hoody. Like all girls, I can’t resist the allure of a good boy hoody. The hoods are just so giant. And the sleeves so warm.

2. Entrance me with an artist’s soul. I fall hard for the creative type, musician, painter, poet, it really doesn’t matter. Putty in their hands.

3. Laugh at my lame ass jokes without explanation. In a slight contradiction to the above, I loves me a boy with a fairly solid understanding of science. Specifically chemistry. And Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Theory.

4. Surprise me with a kiss on the cheek. No matter how hard I try, I can’t keep on my frowny face.

5. Save the day. Which usually involves paying for bus fare. (Yes. This is has been an urgent issue. More than once.)

6. Make a quality hot beverage. Be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate, the level of my hot drink addiction will mask even the most glaring of flaws.

7. Put your arms around me when I am cold. Which is frequently. It is a scientific fact  that boys are warmer than girls. So use your natural radiator-ness to you advantage.

8. Don’t run away when I am sick. Which is also frequently. An understanding demeanour creates in me an appreciation which will last a lifetime and I will be loathe to let you go.


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