Day Two: Nine things about yourself

1. After I wash my hand in a public bathroom, I use a hand dryer and will not leave until every drop of water has evaporated. I am very stringent on this matter.

2. I am finally loving my hair. Its possibly the new GHD or the fact that my fringe is being extremely agreeable of late. But my love-hate relationship with my hair has been raging for about 15 years. I am glad we are slowly becoming friends.

3. I would happily marry Oscar Wilde. Even though he is dead and homosexual. Stephen Fry would be a more than adequate substitute.

4. I love to bake. Until that medicine offer came in, my contingency plan involved marrying a fisherman, baking morning til night and living off the farmer’s market.  Baking continues to be on of my favourite activities even though I am terribly allergic to flour (oh wheat, why do you taunt me?) And yet, I still tend to bake with regular flour. Better cookies for my friends plus that pesky temptation? Avoided 🙂

5. I despise reality TV, with the exception of fashion and makeover shows. Everything from How To Look Good Naked and What Not To Wear to Next Top Model and Project Runway to Fat Families and Bulging Brides, nothing pleases me more than to watch complete strangers make a drastic change. Although it may be for the best that I watch these shows alone, unless you enjoy listening to a bitchy little girl pass comments on these strangers’ hair/weight/designs.

6. I have been writing for a very long time. I wrote my first (admittedly atrocious) song, singing in the shower, when I was 6 years old and have been going through phases of writing songs, poems, short stories and small novels ever since. Although I don’t really have the time to be pursing this actively anymore, I blog. Keeps me sharp. Maybe sharp is a strong word here…

7. I have a treadmill at the gym. No one knows it is mine, it does not have my name nor do I have any real right to it, but it is my treadmill and I feel a slight sense of resentment when I find someone jogging away on it. Me and that treadmill have a bond. In other running news, it makes me extremely uncomfortable when people are running too fast and look like they are going to fly off and die. And it always seems to be right next to me. *shudder*

8. I hate chick flicks. And yet I love romance. Both in real life and in the cinema. Even my hatred of chick flicks (let’s face it, The Notebook is 2 hours of my life I am not getting back…) does nothing to quell my complete and utter adoration for Audrey Hepburn. Does Breakfast at Tiffany’s count as a chick flick? I hardly care. In real life, romance is not so much about flowers and chocolates, but more about seeing that someone cares enough to try. Whether that is walking in the rain, cooking you dinner or simply calling to hear about your day.

9. I get on ridiculously well with my family. Both my sisters are the type of people who, were we not related, I would want to be friends with. But probably wouldn’t be because I wouldn’t be cool enough. I do try to credit Anna for making me into a normal person. Or at the very least teaching me how to dress. And there is no lack of praise for the ‘rents on this blog. Because I am just a loser like that.

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