Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

Apologies if I invade anyone’s privacy by mentioning names. Feel free to slap me or order me to take these down.

1. Sinead – Don’t worry about you irrational love for your new GHD. Although it may seem wrong to feel this way about an inanimate object, I find I am the same about my own. And I think many a girl would agree.

2. Dad – I know I’ve said it already, but your recording technology is a-to-the-mazing. I actually love it. That’s how we’ll make our living. Selling homemade CDs to people with more money than sense.

3. Nicole – I am sorry if I am harsh with you. It’s only because I am the overly protective mother of the group.

4. Aimee – If you ever need help with Biology or need a buddy in Cork to mooch free samples in BTs, I’m your woman.

5. Megan – Write lots of blogs to keep me updated and I promise to return the favour.

6. Stevie – Where did the summer go? It seems like I saw nothing of you and now you have 6th Year and I am moving and we never did have that tea. Although neither of us can stand long distance, can we sustain our Will And Grace dynamic across the border? I think you’ll recollect that Will and Grace didn’t speak for years in the 80s… And look what happened there 😉

7. Danny O’ Reilly of the Coronas – Could you possibly switch your December Limerick and Cork gigs with each other? For it seems I am in Cork for the Limerick one and Limerick for the Cork one and that just hurts me. Also, could you marry me?

8. Clancy – I miss you. And you looked beautiful at your debs. 🙂

9. Patrick – I am sorry. I hope that post-college tea will make up for it. Even just a little bit.

10. Saturday Evening TV Producers – Next time you come up with the fantastic idea of yet another music based reality TV programme, kindly throw on some House or something somewhere so I can retain at least 4 of my brain cells. Please and thank you.


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