Run, Bank, Closure

I got an official offer from Cork. Win 🙂 And many of my friends seemed to have gotten their courses too. Points dropped. Which is a shocker really. But who’s complaining?

So I’m off for a celebration run. Its needed after my cereal binge of last night, and the weird chocolate rice krispie bowl thing Sinead and I made the night before. My stomach hates me for what I put it through.

I move house on the 8th. So I have been buying college crap like a mad one and organising myself to go. On the upside of this, I got an amazing laundry hamper in the shape of a pig. Penney’s, €3, where would you be going. On the downside, I have had to upset one of the nicest guys I have ever had the luck to know. I do not like this. But what can you do?

Lots of banking to be done now today as well as wiping my entire credit union account to pay for school books. Fun. So, over and out for the moment.


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