Best Noms. Ever.

I’m one of those people who eats continually. I try to eat every three hours anyway to keep upset stomachs at bay and to keep my metabolism humming at tip top shape. And once 8 o clock hits, its more like every 25 minutes. So here is my Ultimate Snack List. Feel free to emulate my crazy eating habits. Liberally 🙂

1. Ryvita (Not just cardboard.)

The Healthy Option: Stick some ham, lettuce, cucumber and the most important ingredient, sweet chili sauce on that. Sweet chili sauce should be on everything. Wheat-free, filling, you can’t lose 😉

The Binge Trigger: Lob on the Nutella and Peanut Butter and sandwich together for addictive sugar heaven. Warning: May cause next day illness. Because if you are anything like me, you will eat 10.

2. Jelly (Like when we were kids.)

The Healthy Option: Hartley’s Sugar Free Jelly is a-to-the-mazing. It comes in every good flavour (I’m loving raspberry. And lime when the mood strikes.) And only 8 calories?! Where’d you be going?

The Binge Trigger: I make my jelly in a wine glass. So I fill the remaining space with custard. To bring me right back to the 90s. If you want to retain some level of health, Tesco Light Choices is claaaaaaaaaass.

3. Crisps (I’d say Taytos. But me and Taytos have had our issues.)

The Healthy Option: Popcorn. It comes in a ka-GIANT bag. And only 65c. Win.

The Binge Trigger: McCoys Ready Salted. They were floating around the house after the debs. If these are Man Crisps, then call me Dave.

Other Favourites

My chocolate fix: Options Mint Madness Hot Chocolate. Just made Dad buy the big tub. I think I have a problem

My yogurt:  Muller Light Vanilla with Chocolate Sprinkles. Or Pear and Mango Irish Diet Yogurt. Man I love yogurt… I need the calcium.

My Tesco buy: Snax. Yes I am 5.

I do actually eat real food. From time to time. But that’s hardly as fun.


4 thoughts on “Best Noms. Ever.

  1. sweet chili sauce is like my favourite sauce ever. apple is a close second though, but can you really call stewed apple a sauce?

    i dont do the shopping (ahem) so i dont really get it at home, so its like nine thousand years between having it.

    anywho nice list, i like them muller cornors you get in 6 packs (banana choco flake ftw)


  2. My little sis has a similar opinion on the applesauce. She will put it on anything. And I mean anything.
    As for the muller corners, I will occasionally risk the wheat of a chocolate digestive and vanilla. They’re just that good 🙂

  3. Wheat and yeast intolerant amongst other things. So whilst I’m not quite a coeliac, I’m usually to lazy to differentiate ha.

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