The Laziest Blog. Ever.

I’m lazy. And busy. Except not busy. Just… not blogging. Sorry. Aimee and Megan have already called me out on it. So here’s new things I like in my life at the moment. And maybe if you’re lucky,  I may post the epically long post I wrote then chickened out of last week in the next few days. If ye kids play nice 😉

Kate’s Awesome Newness

  • My daycent new room (living with Anna now. It’s quite lovely.)
  • Options Mint Madness Hot Chocolate. Can you say nom.
  • Running. And running accessories. I’m up to 3K in 20 minutes. Which is atrocious. But is maaaajor progress 😀
  • Not getting joint pain after aforementioned run.
  • Patrick’s pentagram chain. Completes today’s outfit nicely.
  • My debs dress. And my quiet trouble free debs. With my class coeliac menu. (Snickers pie. Jealous much?)

Have fun this week kids. Results on Wednesday will induce a nice emotionally charged response. Spewed all over the internet in a analogy-filled mess.

Pure gonna post my daycent debs pics. But then malfunctioned. Failwhale.


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