Happy Birthday Megan!

One of my best friends in the world turns 16 years old in 52 minutes. I have not seen her in God knows how long (is it a month already?) and she is currently jetting off (or prepping for said jetting off) to none other than New York to become overly Americanised on her Independence Day Birthday.

I can never be as eloquent as she is in her spontaneous texts of awesomeness, but Meg, you are amazing, in your dancing and stories and blogging and word games and general Meganisms and I love you. Just not, text to America roaming charges I love you. (Sorry. I’m a poor student.)

Tea at Melt is on me 😉

EDIT: I realise I have the day wrong. Because TODAY is the 4th. I’m such a fail of a friend. But in my defence, I hadn’t a clue what day it was… Now you get extra teas Meg 😀


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