One Step Closer

It’s been so long blogosphere. And I apologise. I apologise for taking you for granted, for being entertained by the musings of others without contributing anything back myself. But no longer. No longer will I hide behind the guise and excuse of exams, school and studying because I am now free. And whilst I don’t want to post mortem them all here to the excruciating detail I did everywhere else, I think they were fine. I was no victim of the Eavan Boland debacle, my maths went terrifyingly excellently and I got to write about the habits of the obese for my french paper 🙂

So summer hits and days are spent lounging in the park with the boy, reaquainting myself with my amazing friends who the Leaving Cert had seperated me from, listening in awe as Danny O Reilly from the Coronas sang Heroes or Ghosts as Gaeilge (actually in love…) Clubbing in Ballybunion is even more fun when you’re with your best friend with a total of €12 between you for drinks and you are the least dressed people in the place 😉

Today, I woke up excruciatingly late. Almost midday, its scandalous. Prepping myself for summer camp (what will I do with those children?!) and went to check the e-mail as per usual. E-mail from HPAT. I expected something like your results will be available in 2 days time or something, because I was full sure that they weren’t out until the 30th. But no. It was the real thing, the big shebang. I kind of stared at the screen for a while, reluctant to look straight away out of anticipation (and by anticipation, I of course mean fear.)

195. 98th percentile.

HOLY CRAP. I ran to my dad in the extension, half slipping on the tiles because I’m just lounging around in my socks. Followed by an over excited phone call to my mom. This e-mail has made my month. Because whilst this is no guarantee of that elusive place in NUI Galway, at least I know that if I do get it, medicine is the career for me. Even if I end up doing Nursing in Limerick, I know that hospital life will suit me well. I am ridiculously happy.

August can’t come soon enough.


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