Things I Have Learnt In The Past Week

The summer so far is looking bright. In sunshine and events. In spite of the Leaving Cert (which is going reasonably well.) And it is a week of  knowledge and tears and smiles. Which has led to me to these great realisations:

  • Eating for two hours without pause the night before your two most information heavy exams is not a good idea. You will be sick that night. And during the exam. And the first time apparently is not enough to teach naive little Kate.
  • Being wheat free is a skank when you are getting lunch in a small village shop. A flake and an apple is not enough to sustain you through a whole Irish Paper 1 plus Cluastuiscint.
  • Predictions can be good and bad. I am not an Eavan Boland victim fortunately. And my feeling that Uirchill would come up paid off. Yert.
  • The best way to get a good grade in Honours Maths is to go in ridiculously relaxed. And not clomp back through the hall in a fit of self consciousness because everyone is giving you dirty looks. (I left both papers at leasst 40 minutes early. Even the examiner thought I was a freak.)
  • Shexy is one of the searches to my blog 😀
  • Also, blogging is far more effort than I have in me atm so I continue in my sporatic rambling.
  • I love my sister. Happy Birthday dear 🙂
  • Sometimes, all it takes is a 5 minute phone call to someone before Irish Paper 2 to allow you enough scope to not have a panic attack. And for everything to go reasonably well 🙂

Quotes of the summer so far:

  • I’ll have the gingers, you have the twins and Helena will adopt the chinese baby that will eventually own this restaurant.
  • What’s an innuendo? *laughter* No, seriously. What’s an innuendo?
  • Ugh, please I don’t want any of that….



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