Leaving Cert Eve

In approximately twelve hours time, I will be sitting at a desk in my school hall, receiving the 2010 English Paper 1. The first of the most difficult set of exams of one’s life. Although one notoriously can’t prep for English 1, I banged out two hours this evening of Functional Writing, the correct use of dialogue and the features of persuasive of writing. And planned a convoluted short story that is nothing like the Notebook (anymore) thanks to an inspirational and jealousy filled (on my behalf) conversation about the story writing process with the boy.

I am rationalising blogging as practice for: possible diary entries, persuasive writing, reading, and my paper in general. Mmmm rationalising 😀

My coping mechanisms for tomorrow? I slept from about 3:00 til 5:30 and once that was over, decided to take everything edible in my eyeline and nomnomnomnomnom.

600 points? So not happening. But medicine? Here’s hoping.



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