The Last Night

Much like the last episode of Lost, graduation has signalled the end of one of the pinnacle sections of my life to date. Yes, I am officially no longer a secondary school student. There’s the LC to do and such, but the rite of passage is over. And now there is nothing left to do but knuckle down and study.

I won an award on Grads night. A big one for Music. And when I say big, I don’t mean in importance, I mean in physical size. Its like the size of a small plate. I heart. The mass was very long, partly my own fault, thanks to the number of songs. But I loved it. Speeches and songs and memories. And I didn’t cry (then anyway) which I was particularly proud of considering I had been on the brink of it earlier that day whilst practicing Time to Say Goodbye.

The day was just as good. 6th Year day. A day of practice and hanging out with teachers and the Last Supper. I spent hours with my music teacher and the others involved in music. Took a million pictures to document the day. We planted a cherry blossom tree and gave various teachers big hugs.

We went to the Coach afterwards. Squez into a blue and grey body con dress in the bathroom (bathroom changing for the atmosphere!) and freaked out about losing my purse to everyone until we realised it was under Sinead’s sports bag. And my amazing town friends came out to our bogger pub to wish me happy birthday/grads. And we drank and danced and sca-ed and drank somewhere. Southern Comfort = yum. Other details are superfluous. And by that I mean, inappropriate for the average blog reader/parent’s eyes πŸ˜‰

My friend had the afterparty in her garden with a marquee. It is this type of party where one learns the great lessons of life. Examples:

  1. It is always better to assume it will be too cold rather than too warm. And a spare sleeping bag will never go astray. Sean the Hypothermia case taught us that.
  2. The weirdest metaphors come from the sober person e.g. Me: How many wheels do wheel barrows have? A: One. Me: I’m a wheelbarrow!
  3. Don’t think your hardcore by drinking until 5 am if you have already been drinking for the past 7 hours. Passed out on the lawn is fun for no one.
  4. Whilst perfectly platonic, hugging for heat will make you miss other people’s arms around you.
  5. Its always a good time for curly fries.
  6. Small country schools produce the hauntiest students. But don’t worry. You can always hide with a blanket over your heads a.k.a The Tent of Innocence.
  7. News travels fast. So stay classy.
  8. If a help word is established (“OKLAHOMA!”) make sure people will actually respond. As opposed to another friend having to trek across the garden to save you.
  9. Not enough sleep = Kate sick. Too much sleep = Kate sick. Not enough food = Kate sick. Too much food = Kate sick. How on earth am I going to be on call as a doctor…
  10. The next day isn’t so much, Sleep all day, drink all night as it is Sleep all day, eat all night πŸ˜›

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