My Last 4 Days of Childhood

I turn 18 on Thursday. That’s right, legal adulthood. With, I dunno, household chores and taxes and such.. Well not really. Although my mom did ask my opinions on what type of loan to take out today…

Went to Le Chocolat with the family for my bday celebration. I would do a proper blog-like review but it would just end up in me baging on about how amazing it was without any literary skill at all. Because that was the greatest meal of my life. No exaggeration. I ate it as slow as I could just so it would last longer. Tiger prawns salad to start, followed by Mediterranean baked sea bass with sauteed onioins and mushrooms, then  a vanilla creme brulee. And all for under €20. Job. The atmosphere and setting is beautiful, no one is rushing around you to hurry you on and I reiterate, the food is nom.

In other news I have 7 school days left. And they seem so without point. I wouldn’t be surprised if they send us home for rowdiness. On friday morning, our third floor study hall was host to two lambs. Dressed in the school uniform. Defecated everywhere. Turned out to be the ags, exacting revenge because they weren’t allowed to play hurling on the quad. Weak.

I have a whole host of blog ideas saved in the drafts of my phone, including my new sense of peace about life, my day in the hospital and a review of the Gráda gig I went to in Dolans last week.

And Megan, if that text didn’t send today, and I fear it didn’t, I promise you some serious tea before the end of May. Swear.


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