Je Veux Etre Femme Au Foyer…

Well, not really. But I have become quite the domestic goddess in the last three days. Cooking, cleaning, sweeping, recycling, who’da thunk it? A buttload of chinese food does’t hurt either. Although apparently the argument “How many fat chinese people do you know?” doesn’t necessarily carry…

So I quite enjoy living alone (Well, I say alone, but Sister is here too.) Its quiet and I get tons of work done.  And can leave my folders hither and thither without guilt. Although the temptation just to stay in bed in the mornings is a hindrance…

Also there’s something about knowing that the rents aren’t around to pick up after you that gives you an impulsive urge to give the cupboards a logical and organised layout 😀 Or maybe that’s just me.

Now, off to check those towels I have drying…

As a side note, colours day tomorrow. Hate all my clothes. So when in doubt, ground tissue. I mean, white shirt.


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