Fending For Myself

It’s been a few days. I was away in Kerry. Possibly the trad-iest weekend of my life. And you know what? I am now mad for the bit of trad. No greater healing than a bit of Christy Moore’s Black Is The Colour. Chinese food and Southern Comfort and waltzing and sean-nos singing in a bar. I got stepped on (not by Sinead) and lots of compliments (My Lagan Love is always handy to have in the bag :D) No u.v. party like planned, but at least an episode was avoided. Ten minutes of quite the bittersweet experience. But at least its pushing to me to move on with my life. Not okay. But hope, well its rearing its head. So maybe its not a matter of not, maybe its just yet.Sure isn’t it character building?

In other news, the ‘rents and Little Sister are gone to Disneyland, leaving Anna and myself to mind ourselves all by our lonesome. School is a chorus of “House party?” “NO! MY NANA LIVES ACROSS THE ROAD!” So its not so much drink as domesticated. I made dinner today. Nice dinner too, Pork Marinated in Honey and Reggae Reggae Sauce with Steamed  Green Veg and Savoury Rice. It is officially the greatest meal I have ever made solo and the pride of independence is drowning out the downsides quite a bit.

Also, no school tomorrow. I knew it was a good choice not to take LCVP 😀

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