The Long Awaited 100th Post

Blogging milestone much? In honour of this occasion my computer has decided to be utterly spasmonic so this post comes to you courtesy of safe mode. Full funtionality will resume shortly.

A review of RENT is coming. For now just sit tight, happy in the fact that is was spectacular.

I am in a state of upheaval thanks to the Leaving Cert and people who I am unsure of and lack of back up plans and all the jazz that goes with the last six weeks of school and the last month of legal childhood.

The 24th of June can’t come soon enough. Friends, I swear I will come back, pot of tea in tow.

Its very difficult to determine right from wrong at the moment. I can only hope summer will provide some clarity. Or else bring a further impending sense of doom. Neither would shock me.

I have a feeling this weekend there will be change. In what way, I am not sure. But change is a coming.


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