And The Pessimist Wins Again…

On the bright side, I am fairly sure I owned my French oral today. I got to speak about music to my heart’s content, along with my plans for Oxegen and what I would do if I had lovely sums of Lotto money. On an immense high (my maths teacher had also let me borrow her epic solutions book and equations were working) I came home with a sense of relief, and a new found motivation to work, something that has been sorely missing for the last few weeks.

Usual routine, hopped onto facebook, checked my e-mails and found there a new e-mail from UL. For the full impact of this result, I suggest reading my tales of auditioning here. Note particularly my tone of joy and excitement.

I regret to inform you that based on particular consideration of the outcome of the auditions, the panel was not in a position to recommend your application and consequently the University will not be offering you a place on the above course



One thought on “And The Pessimist Wins Again…

  1. Great subject for your French oral! If you are on facebook, hubby and I have facebook now too. I don’t know why or if we will use it much. Look up James Winningham and friend us.

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