Yet Another Decision

I had an audition today. I am never one for auditions. Nerves kill me. I’ve had plenty in my time, for choir, various shows, ballet, spotlight, and yet I never got used to them. Today was a course audition: BA Voice and Dance in UL. The original reason I was going for this was because I wanted to have a few music options along the CAO list somewhere or other and they had to be in Limerick. Since I’m not trad in the slightest, this left Music in Mary I and Voice and Dance. I wasn’t overly enthused on it but options are always good 🙂

I arrived with Mammy and Daddy at the brand-spanking-new Irish World Academy building about 20 minutes early (we were allowing ourselves time to get lost, which we didn’t) so we had a chance to go exploring. Its a beautiful building, especially the giant mosaic mural in the foyer. I have a horrible habit of judging courses by the buildings so I was already getting a little excited.

There were four parts to the audition: dance workshop, singing workshop, solo audition and interview. I’ll be the first to admit the dancing was dire. You wouldn’t think that I identified as a dancer first and foremost for 10 years… Contemporary dance, whilst amazing, is ridiculously hard. And yes, the inability to easily tell right from left does not help. But I hope that I didn’t look defeated and that they can see that I want to learn to dance again! Come on UL, give a girl a chance! I am fairly sure I owned the singing workshop though so maybe it’ll balance out 🙂 All those days with Maire in choir are paying off. The solo audition was fine. Not in anyway bad, but probably not Carnegie Hall material. The interview too, not sure. But I got on really well with him (I think) so I hope I’m good to go.

The surprise though is how insanely excited I am. That feeling I had when I was wandering around Galway? Back again today. Don’t get me wrong, medicine is still my passion, but damn I think I really want this now. I keep thinking back to last Tuesday when I had my music practical and I spent the whole day (from 9am to 6pm – I had a singing lesson too) singing and doing music. I was just happy. Really really happy. And there’s the logical voice inside me which is nattering on about economic stability and science and industry and I know there is reason in it. I love science and I am good at it and there is lots of jobs. But music…Well, like my sister says, you only have one life.


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