Improvement and Productivity (And Bowling)

I feel good today. I woke up late again (really must get out of this habit…) but I started the day with exercise (keep those mad arm muscles in tip top shape :)) and settled down for some study. Now, I know Deane has to be done. Its tipped to be the big Set Works question on this year’s Leaving Cert and in reality, its not that difficult. But to actually sit down and listen to it. I’d rather be scratched by cats, thanks. I’d post a link, but trust me, you do not want that. Buuuut… I did it. Deane is learnt. To a reasonable extent. And before I start in on my Irish, I can proudly say the day is productive.

Last night also proved as good. I had the epic idea of making up set lists because now I am determined to be a competent live music act by the time my Leaving Cert is done and make a few bob for college and that. College and pretty dresses. The guitar is whipped out with intention of regaining my former skills and piano and uke are in preparation. Although a new uke needs to be bought (giant crack in the side with crappy tuning heads = nnot happy Kate) so hint hint…

And as an added bonus, Mammy came up with an idea for this evening. Bowling. Just randomly out of the blue. So Family Bowling Night is on. Expect a post on my awesomely-lame family outing. You gotta love my parents and their odd ideas. If its not bowling, its betting on horses or impromptu trips to various parts of the country. No wonder I am the way I am.



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