Being Friends

There are different levels of knowing people. There are acquaintances, the people you go to school with and work with, people you are friendly with, the type you get on with when you are thrust together by situation but would probably not seek out for company. There are friends, the people you will spend your weekends with to distract from the mundaneness of life, people who make you laugh and entertain you to no end. Then there are best friends, the people who are closer to you than your own family, the type who know the depth of your insanity, your quirks, the people who you will allow cry on your lap without thinking “aaaaaaaawkward!”

But even with your best friends, there are predisposed roles. Of course, one tries to avoid a one way friendship but there will always be a little more give than take on someone’s behalf, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are rules. Friend A is the happy friend, in front of whom you would never dream of spilling a tear, Friend B who is always on hand for shrewd and competent advice and Friend C who has picked you up out of the foetal position more times than you would care to mention. The roles are not for interchanging or mixing. You get mad when people break the rules. “How dare she go to Friend A, bawling about breakups! Friend A does not do that!” The rules are there for a reason and this is how friendships are sustained. It is nothing personal, one does not think these friends are incapable of handling a difficult situation or that they are weak. It is just the way things are. My best friend in the world will unlikely ever see me upset because I know it will just scare them. And my other best friend knows 99% of the information there is to know about me and is leaned upon in every possible circumstance.

There is also the unfortunate situation of friendships dissolving. This could happen in a number of ways. Time constraints is one. No one is at fault, but you find that between your own desire for ridiculously high points and their fervour to complete their portfolio, you are losing contact with one of the most interesting people you know. Another is more likened to a break-up. There are some friends who you have known forever or have had a long, trying experience with and therefore you are their friend for life. No matter what goes down, what they do, you are friends. It is a testament of character sometimes, people question, but the friendship lasts. Then there is always the situation where you are that friend who is slowly getting frozen out. Every week you find yourself talking to them a little less, your conversations getting cut a little shorter, them “forgetting to reply” a little more frequently. What does it remind you of? That time when you were asked to “stay friends” after a break up and you stupidly agreed. That’s the problem with the dynamic between people, it is constantly changing. People grow and people stay the same. Different rates of change can often break the bonds once so strong. So it is important to make the most of these moments while you can.

Post Concert Moments

Summer In The Park, Robbing Glasses And Hats From Other Friends

BFFEs. Because best friends spell incorrectly.

There would be more. If I more frequently took flattering pictures.


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