Mmmmm, Chocolate…

Oh, Easter. In spite of the fact that we agreed to not get an egg from the ‘rents, I still ended up with a buttload of chocolate. Had to keep eating sweets at the charity gig (sponsored walk and gig for Limerick Oncology Unit, courtesy of my aunt Val, all round success) because I was singing a song or two to a big crowd and I needed my sugar rush. 🙂 Then I decided the best thing to do would be to get rid of all the chocolate in one day and start a fresh on Monday (for one must always start a fresh on a Monday.)

I had an Easter egg from each of the Nanas, one from my BFF (who was staying the night) and the aforementioned Lindt bunnies to get through. SO between me, the sisters and the BFF, a chocolate binge was had. And it owned. And Sinead and I stayed awake until 7am having the kind of conversations one only expects from the drunk.

And thus, came Monday. And on this Monday, I have decided to embark upon Chocolate Detox. I’ve done it before, way back in second year, and lasted from the start of the school year to Christmas. And since then, I’ve been delightfully engorging myself on the sweet stuff. So, to avoid chocolate headaches on top of study headaches, its time to quit again. I vow, on this most solemn of Internets, to not have a bite until my birthday (20th May for your calenders 😉 ) Now I am accountable. Wish me luck 😀


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