“No One’s Fainted Since The 1940s..”

First person to cite that quote gets a special prize!*

So I fainted last night. Twice. It was late and my ear piercing felt weird so I decided to get up and give them an aul clean. A little blood but nothing to faze me. Tried to jam the earring back in, realised it only goes halfway and made my peace with the fact that I could essentially have to repierce my ear. That’s the last thing I remember until my mom and dad were shaking me awake. Bless them, I was delirious.

I woke up this morning, a little fuzzy but no worse for wear. Disappointed in the fact that I am going to have to go without earrings from now on. Of course, I could always push the earring back in, or get them repierced and keep forcing myself through this same petty ordeal (this is the second time an earring related incident like this has happened) or I could get over it. Is there any point into trying to force something? Cause some more pain? Just for another incident to happen again. Maybe I needed that short, sharp shock. Maybe this is for the best in the end. Like everything else.

*The special prize being my hard earned respect. You know you want it.


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