Just A Few Self Indulgent Thank Yous

To People Who Don’t Read This (But May Do Someday?)

To Sinead: Who minds me and is the best other half a girl could wish for. Zombie Cornwall for life. I will miss you painfully next year if we end up in different sides of the country.

To Sean: Who is my platonic brother and says lovely things amongst all the innuendo and takes the verbal abuse with such pizazz.

To Neil: Who, in spite of our checkered past, drives me places, listens to my rambling and understands my chemistry themed jokes.

To The People I’m Fairly Sure Do Read This

To Dad: Who teaches me the ropes of the Limerick music biz and the basics of the culinary arts. And emparts such interesting anecdotes from his adventures of blogging.

To Steven: Who will succeed in making me cry as Angel in Rent.

To Megan: Whose lovely texts always come in the nick of time and make me smile again.  Keeps me going dear, promise. 🙂

Thank you 🙂


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