A Not So Typical Paddy’s Day AKA The Search For Tea

And by not so typical, I mean highly-typical-of-every-other-weekend-in-town, but not necessarily of a national holiday. While the rest of the country doused themselves in Guiness and various other refreshing beverages, I wandered this (freakishly windy) city, from food place to food place, on the hunt for a cup of tummy warming happiness.

This proved harder in practice than theory. All the cafes seemed to be closed. Fair enough. Cafe workers need to get drunk too. Food Fair was a good place to settle for at least in hour, whilst me and Clo waited for everyone else to amble their way in. Seems they have moved the once downstairs haven (since destroyed by the group *shakes fist*) to the back of the shop and once again we have *dahdah* cheap tea and a leather couch 😀 But eventually we had to move.

The park was cold. I felt that wind go through me like I was 90.. The (now much larger) group tried our luck at the George, our usual haunt for hot beverages. ID required. And only one in the group had any so that was a no go. In the end, we ended up by River Londis, huddled around plastic cups for heat like homeless people. Success 🙂

In between were good times.

  1. Tripped on a step like a tard (“Drinking, Kate?” “NO!”) and hurt my ankle 😦
  2. Learnt there is a substantial heat difference there is between the path and the steps on the river. (SO cold)
  3. Saw the first 30 minutes of Pineapple Express before passing out asleep on a blow up matress (night before) (there are no blow up matresses in town)
  4. Had a nice reminisce with the group about what we once were and harked back to that time when we gathered for a pep talk by one of the guys about why you shouldn’t let scobes beat you up 😛
  5. Determined that this was my 5th date with Aimee, threw that fact in her boyfriend’s face and proceeded to Wok King to split a 3-in-1

Overall, an epic win.


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