The Healing of a Hot Shower

Between being infested with the riddling germs of the common cold and having one of those unexplainable clouds of mood over my head for the past few days, I think I finally snapped out of it. This morning I was all for leaving school entirely and either becoming a paramedic (which I then realised I would have to finish school for) or travel the country, ukulele in tow, swapping planxties for food, Turlough O Carolan style. Came home and still wanted to do absolutely nothing at all. Determination, focus, enthusiasm? Nada, gone, I was all together spent.

But then, popped into the shower, water so hot you can only just touch it, duration far longer than is necessary (it’s all beginning to sound a little Esther Greenwood right about now.) But that cloud? Completely washed away.


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