Seachtain na Gaeilge (Amongst Other Things)

Its not that late, but it’s late considering my alarm is set for 6.45am and I have mock Irish oral practice tomorrow and very little past “mo chlann” learnt for it. I can’t sleep yet but am looking forward to listening to all FIFTY ONE Glee songs that are freshly on my iPod as of this morning as a fall into a gentle slumber (:

It’s Seachtain na Gaeilge at the mo (5 Marta – 17 Marta), so in honour of advertising Irishness, I am going to do the next few posts i mo theanga dúchais (with translation for all you non-Gaeilgeoirs our there 😉 ) Not starting now, considering I have nothing to say yet, but you wait. Beidh sé thar cionn. Geallaim daoibh!*

*It will be awesome. Promise.


11 thoughts on “Seachtain na Gaeilge (Amongst Other Things)

  1. Only one of my friends watches. I got the music from my sister’s friend. I love glee, but compared to my House obsession I barely like it

  2. You gotta admit though it filled the gap waiting for House to come back on tv 🙂 [I realise I could just watch house on the internet, but a friend made me paranoid about internet streaming so I now wait like the rest of the masses)

  3. Well, it didn’t actually for me cuz I watched most of glee on the internet- so the gap in both was pretty much unbearable.
    I waited for House because I much prefer watching it on a real tv

  4. Oh Wilson.. How he hasn’t gone crazy and killed House by now… That’s what makes it so lovely 🙂

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