Hit The Road Jack. And Don’t You Come Back No More.

What did I do today? I sang for the Lesotho Ambassador.

Our music teacher decided during the week that none of her six wonderful students exude the confidence they should whilst performing. And look slightly overtaken by fear. So to counteract this, apparently a show is in order.

Since it was a lunch time show we figured not that many people would show, especially given they were charging 50c on the door. We would laugh and avoid embarassment and all would be well with the world. What actually went down was about 10 teachers and 40 students came to watch. Consider the fact that our school comprises of about 30 teachers and 400 students, all of 5th year were on work experience and most of 6th year was on the doss thanks to the end of mocks. So we belted our few tunes and to add to the joy, our french teacher taped us on her camcorder. I will work on getting a copy. If I deem that it won’t come back to bite me in the ass, maybe, perhaps, I might post a clip…. Maybe…

Our Set List

  1. Hit the Road Jack (The whole gang)
  2. An Die Musik (mise. German is funsies.)
  3. Layla (Peter, Andrew and the band. They had a good vibe of cool going on. Jealous.)
  4. Take Five (Andrew shows off his mad piano skills)
  5. Falling Slowly (We may not have an Oscar, but Peter and me own those harmonies :P)
  6. High School Hop (Peter has been belting this Grease song since 4th year. It never gets old though.)
  7. Chi Vuol La Zingarella (Italian gypsy songs are even more fun than German. I look even cooler…)
  8. Rise Up (Aine’s baby. Ms Ryan whips out the mandolin)
  9. Mrs. Robinson (Peter and Cathal. The lads came in from the village just to check this…)
  10. Wherever You Will Go/Don’t Stop Believing (chanelling our inner Glee mash up skills :D)

It was afterwards that our principal informed us of the ambassador’s visit. Would we sing a few songs for her please? Well, at least I wouldn’t have to go to Irish…

Rise Up and Mrs Robinson were repeated. We also revived Humalayla/Oh Tabasaya (our African jam) for the occasion. Afterwards, the Ambassador said that the music resonated with her. She was an elegant and eloquent woman and and what she said stuck with me for the day, “Music is the trigger for life… I sing the way I like because nobody can judge me.”

Also, we did a far superior version of Hit the Road Jack than the first time round. The end dialogued as follows:

Kate: Don’t you come back no more…

Peter: Huh?

Kate: Don’t you come back no more…

Peter: Say what?

Kate: Don’t you come back no more…

Peter: What you talking about Willis?

Epic Win.


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