Mocks: Day Whatever…

French was surprisingly pleasant, and Biology horrendously cruel.  I have no motivation to do any Math or Chem for tomorrow and hoping the repurcussions won’t be too dire.

I must make pots and pots of tea before my head fills up too much. There was not a tea bag left in the house on Saturday. I had thought the apocolypse was coming! Never in living memory had we been out of tea. It felt highly strange..

The day was an overall fail: got no sleep, missed the bus, forgot my pencil case, worry worry worried, and wasn’t allowed go to bathroom for so long I was almost on the point of tears (damn them smokers…) but all was saved when me and Sinead nabbed the warmest sunniest spot in the school for our lovely quiet lunchtime. Where we fabricated a rather amazing drunken pregnancy story to write for the exam. Oh how a mood can change 😀

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