Tired. In So Many Ways.

I’m tired of exams. Of talking about them, analysing them, studying for them. And what do I go and do? Only blog about them, like some odd form of internet masochist. I talk about them enough when I come home to not have to bore everyone in InternetLand too.

I will mention the HPAT though. My heart goes out to everyone else who did that damn test today. Its not that I think I did well or badly, its that I have no idea how that went and the results of this career defining test don’t come out until JUNE. Even though they are marked by a computer (what’s that about?) And the sound of “time is up” while I still had three questions to go caused me to scribble three random boxes for my last three answers so I’m hoping fate is on my side for those ones 🙂 I would be a lot more irritable given my physical and mental exhaustion but luckily my parents met me outside with the most daycent of chicken salads which I hurriedly nommed in the car.

And whilst writing this post, the oven timer indicated that my bread was cooked. Me baking bread…I love the irony. Yummers 🙂 It will have made the  day worthwhile.


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