Mock Exams: Day 4

The amount of writing I did today. 6 hours. Sleepy as afterwards.

Irish Paper was beautiful. I really couldn’t have asked for a better paper. There was a bit of an issue differentiating between the words suailci and duailci but I think I got it right 🙂 Also, thank you Motivated Notes for the awesome Lig Sinn I gCathu achoimre. It came up as the mandatory pros question 😀

Whilst I had 40 minutes to spare after the Irish, English Paper 1 had me writing for the full 3 hours and 20 minutes.. My contacts started moving about after a while and everything got a bit blurry. My short composition was an article on the dangers of overexercising and it got owned. If only I could say as much about the composition. Write a story with a dreamer as a main character. Its six pages long (six!) and nothing happens. And I don’t mean, nothing interesting happens, I mean NOTHING happens. There are two characters, a boy and a girl, and the actual events which occur are as follows:

1. Girl goes to park

2. Boy goes to park

3. Girl plays xylophone

4. Boy takes a picture

5. They shake hands

It is the most random and strange thing I have ever written and I have come to two conclusions. It’s either the greatest most innovative thing to ever come out of my head…Or its complete and utter scutter. I have a horrible feeling its the latter. Oh well. At least I don’t have to think about English for at least another week!


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