Mock Exams: Days 2 and 3

Day 2 wasn’t really a day. It was just an extended Irish class. Surprisingly okay, but there was a nice moment where the CD continually skipped in a manner reminiscent of 90s house music. Through a window in the door, you could see our teachers exchange a look of “Oh fudge.” But the scare ended and we got to listen to two people converse about the lack of jobs in todays economy in peace. Another lovely occurence was one of the speakers on the tape, getting noticeably more and more frantic as he hurtled off on a tangent as to how we are all screwed as regards the economy, was cut off by the other with a sharp “Tog go bog e.” (Essentially “Calm down, love…”) The quiet giggle throughout the class was both amazing and utterly pathetic πŸ™‚

Today was a half day! Yert for not doing LCVP. English Paper 2. I am tired. 3 hours and 20 minutes of writing. Writing full speed in a worringly rambly manner. Now, I’m fairly sure I owned Comparitive study, banging out 6 pages AND manage to stick to the point all the way through.

King Lear is a different story entirely. I am yet undecided as to how big an issue it was that I only mentioned Lear himself like twice… Oh Edmund. I love you so.

Poetry (Kavanagh) was fine, except that although I was sure I had written 4 and a half pages, looking back it was a page less :/ I hope my small writing makes it ok… Unseen was also quite class. Ill-Wishing Him, and I got to write for a page and a half on failed relationships. It was daycent πŸ˜€ English Paper 1 and Irish Paper 2 tomorrow. Better get cracking tonight.


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