Mock Exams: Day 1

It’s going to be a busy week. From Wednesday to next Wednesday, my 10 pre-Leaving Papers are going to get crammed into each school day, I have the all-important HPAT on Saturday and to top it all off we were met today, on our first day back, with the surprise of the pre-French Aural and the news the the Irish one is quick to follow tomorrow.

I expected the stress or impact to affect the breathing somewhat, but today had some nice turns to it. Ignoring the fact that the school is a temperature of Arctic proportions, the day was a lovely sequence of revision and study classes with few exceptions. My maths teacher gave five of us the opportunity to reschedule our Paper2, given that it was the day before the HPAT, and although I don’t see the point (you can’t study for the HPAT, no matter what does revision course people say) I was all, Love you, Miss!

The aural test itself was fine. The acoustics of the room seriously suck and there were some parts which were just like, whaaaa? But it was all worth it for the most epic tape answer ever. I wrote it down because it was what I heard, but was sure there must have been a mistake, it was just so ridiculous. But an after test conference between honours and pass concluded that no, these were the right answers.

1. What vehicle was mentioned in the extract?


2. What was the cause of the accident?

The pilot was distracted, texting.


4 thoughts on “Mock Exams: Day 1

  1. A helicopter pilot was texting while flying? What kind of an exam was that you wrote? Being from Canada, I haven’t a clue about these pre-Leaving Papers and HPAT and all that…

    As long as you did well, who cares if the chopper pilot was an idiot!

  2. Pre’s are like practice exams before the real thing in June. The exam was french listening, so you get a list of questions and you answer questions on a tape. They can be random questions…

    And HPAT is the aptitude test for students applying for Medicine.

  3. The accuracy of that tape was confirmed by our teacher yesterday. Highlight of the day πŸ˜€
    And thank you πŸ™‚

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