Falling Off The Wagon

I woke up this morning with what could only be described as a food hangover. It was all the symptoms of the aftermath of alcohol abuse, except with far humbler beginnings.

I consider myself a fairly healthy person. I exercise adequately, enjoy salads for salads sake and thanks to allergies, haven’t touched bread in almost two years. Of course, I have the sexually stereotypical addiction to chocolate. But thats just something that I have become accustomed to in my life.

So yesterday was out of the ordinary. From inauspicious porridge based beginnings, I thought the day was taking a turn for the worse when I split an Eddie Rockets Smarties ice cream with my friend. It was ridiculously good. But sweets were done for the day.

Of course when you have all off €2.50 between two people, the search for dinner invariably leads to Tesco and intentions for dinner quickly become blurred by the offers of giant bags of taytos for a euro and the deal on aero bubbles.

Back in her house, there was a deep fat fryer. Nuff said.


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