Oh Shnapple

The joys of having a loving daddy who also blogs and insists to his blogging friends that they check out his daughter’s relatively inconspicuous blog for themselves. And then what happens, but I get linked on another page. Sheer novelty of it all =D

So while I am dizzy in this haze of literary appreciation, and lost in the fact that at the moment my English class consists of writing only the most mundane of speeches and articles, we’ll give another aul poem a go. (The first was the best, so its all downhill from here 😉 )

The Tree

A spattering of moss continued to grow

Approximately 45 degrees from where the couple strayed,

The vertebral column of the tree

Almost precisely arched to hers.

And while their collective knowledge of non-herbaceous shrubbery

And conventional social graces was conveniently forgotten

The wind waltzed to the ¾ beat of the torrent

That surrounded her like the darkening sky

And the warmth of his arms.


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