Life with the ‘Rents

For Dad

Sister and I came to a realisation over the Xmas holidays, not to do with food or presents or time off, but that, as a family, we are unusual. Discussions with friends, tv specials, modern culture in general often shows festive family time as a time full of arguments or even, a time to be dreaded. We think ourselves unusual in that, we just don’t fight with our parents (in the grander sense of the word.) Of course, there are tiffs and disagreements, but nothing that isn’t over come in less than half an hour.

Our parents do seem the exception in our realm of friends and aquaintances. Referred to as the “cool” parents on a regular basis, my mom has at times been mom to the entire group with my dad being able to simultaneously command an awe (and sometimes fear :P) that accompanies the suave of a shaven headed, tatooed musician. I found myself making reassurances to himself that really he shouldn’t be afraid of my father. I’m not sure he ever wholly relaxed…

I write this to kill time before I go out (with Mom) to Clohessys (to see Dad play.) Am I so cool to be hanging with the ‘rents? Perhaps not… But am I bothered? Hardly.

2 thoughts on “Life with the ‘Rents

  1. Your Dad seems to have many fans in Blog World, but the best thing about “visiting” him is knowing how much he loves his family!

    It’s good to see that goes both ways. 🙂

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