Merry Xmas Eve Eve

Even though our holidays were extended by two days (THANK YOU SNOW!) it still feels like Xmas has snuck up on us. Impossible that it is Xmas Eve tomorrow, although there it is, stretched out in front of us in all its festive glory. I’ve been preparing for weeks, carolling, shopping, trademark penguin earrings and yet it still seems overly close.

I had the most amazing dinner today. I think it deserves a mention given I won’t shut up about it to the rest of the family. They all had pizza. I had pan fried sea bass. My love for this fish could be considered unhealthy. But its so damn good… I have expensive taste and a new found appreciation for being wheat free 😀

In honour of Xmas I give you this gift, the gift of little known songs befitting the season. Merry Chrismukkah.

As an aside, All of Wade Johnston’s Christmas Extravaganza should be looked up and enjoyed. Multiple times.

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