At Least An Ack Mood Inspires Productivity…

I woke up around half 11, which is quite frankly too late (I’m normally up at half 6…) Ack mood because I just wanted to hop on a bus and head outta Limerick. Since this wasn’t possible, I watched Nightmare Before Christmas in my pjs. As an aside, NBC is not the quality movie I remember it to be.  Don’t shoot. It must the last bit of emo finally filtering out of  me..

Anyways, today was meant to be a study day and I assured myself I would start by one o clock. In actuality, I started at 4. Why you ask? I overhauled.

Wardrobe? Cleared out entirely. Anything that hasn’t been worn, is too big, is too small, didn’t fit right, gone. It felt good. Cleansing 🙂 Plus I do love the extra wardrobe space. That in itself inspired room tidying. Which led to my two giant pink boxes to be cleared out. The top one is full of electronic oddities and costumes. The bottom is my memory box. I spent about an hour rifling through my memories. Birthday cards, concert ticket, train and bus passes, photos, programmes, flyers…I am a terror for saving things. These are the things one never overhauls. It was lovely. I took me out of my horrible longing mood. And I rediscovered how amazing the people in my life actually are. I really don’t tell them often enough.

I miss people at the moment. Through distance, lack of time, clashing schedules, a lot of reasons. I really wish I had more time to see everyone. I do. I can’t think of a conclusive ending for this so I will leave you with this. Love ye guys 🙂


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