First Impressions

I’m watching Fashion Fix re-runs before I start in on a long hard day of study. Oh the joy of Christmas exams. Because everyone needs that two months before the mocks… I digress. For those not aware, Fashion Fix is another of those makeover/clothes shows, showing women of all ages how to turn themselves into something beautiful. Given my whole advocation for “Its what inside that counts” it would be easily assumed that I hate these shows with the same ferocity that about half the nation hate Jedward. (Personally I miss them. Weak all the time.)

But, no. I find myself enraptured, bordering on obsessed with these shows. Ever since Trinny and Susannah’s What Not To Wear, which I started watching when I was nine, I’ve been hooked. I watch them all, What not to Wear US, How To Look Good Naked, Paisean Faisean perhaps before the year is out. The appeal, I think, is being the sheer possibilities of everyone, no matter how far fetched, no matter how un-beautiful society may deem them, to look fabulous.

And really, is there need for these shows? Of course. Reluctant as one may be to believe that a change in appearance could change your life, its true. It would be great to think that people are judged by what they are as people, but that isn’t reality. We judge people. Everybody does it, consciously or otherwise. Our first impressions of people our usually based on their appearance and as we all know, first impressions are hard to shift. I know that to anyone I’ve known long term, I will always be that quiet, frizzy haired little nerd and while that is fine, it is wonderful to be able to present yourself to give an impression that is slightly more flattering.

Never a self confident little bunny when I was younger, I looked to these shows for hope, a follower of Ugly Ducking Syndrome, if you will. Who doesn’t love a transformation? And while I’ve hardly undergone a transformation, I have started “Taking care of myself better” as my Mom woud put it. Turns out, its not a complete upheaval to straighten the aul hair, stick in the contacts and throw on a bit of makeup before school. You don’t have to get Tangoed and Extensioned to have confidence. Everyone is beautiful, sometimes it just takes a little push to bring it out. So my enthusiasm for these shows never wanes, my love never dies. I will always want to see the ugly duckling turn into a swan.


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