Likes and Dislikes: An Update

What a completely and utterly pointless post. But whats life without a little pointless self-absorption?


  • Chowder
  • Green Eyes
  • No reason text messages
  • Countdowns
  • Irish Class
  • Chemistry Experiments
  • Bebo Luv Wars
  • MSN emoticons
  • Farmville
  • Leggings tucked into socks under school pants
  • Knitted Berets. In teal preferably.


  • Eating so much I feel ill. And then eating some more.
  • Peanut brittle. Not worth the consequences.
  • The bus system.
  • Geography, which lends itself to the above point.
  • The broken pedal on the music room piano.
  • Writers block.
  • My “incorrect” uniform being pointed out
  • Religion class
  • LCVP class
  • The M button on my laptop. Its sticky 😦

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