Alphabet Soup (Or Words)

Words are good. I like them. Everyone does one of these. I know they do, and yet I continue in my writing of it.. But I ate a lot of Ryvita and cheese last night, and am now feeling the effects of it, leaving me devoid of any original thought. But of course, all bloggers like words to some extent. That’s kind of the point. (: Maybe I can rationalise this as English study.

My favourite word is cacophony. I like for a lot of reasons. I like the way it crashes when you say it. I like its many syllables. I like the way it has no perfect rhyme. I like the way it epitomises the way my mind functions. I like the way not everyone knows what it means. I was asked by a friend of a friend to explain  it last week. My response, “Like noise…Not necessarily good noise” (an admittedly terrible explanation) was met with the epic reply, “Like whistling?” That made me smile. (:

I love the way certain words have a music to them. My English teacher would insist I refer to this as onomatopeia, or something equally as technical, literary techniques used to envoke a lyrical quality to the sound of the words. (Oh yes, I was listening in those poetry classes.) But thats not necessarily what I’m talking about. I find it more in other languages. Grignoter is a great word. I always say it with the same intonation, the same slightly caught R (because I am physically incapable of rolling my Rs, in the same way some people can’t roll their tongue.) It means to snack. So, no onomatopeia.

Pianissimo is a beautiful word. It lends itself to its own meaning, in that you can’t help but say it softly, as if to yell it would be blasphemy. It is also in the satisfying position of being a word to describe how music is played (dynamics to all you musical minds), which I think very fitting. Ironically, I hate it in its function, thanks to my heavy hand and lack of acoustic piano. But that’s an aside.

I realise that is the second odd tangent I have gone off on this week. But I hadn’t done one in a while and my school friends must be sick of listening to me. You soon will too. (:


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