Regular readers will have figured out a simple fact about me by now: I like my sleep. And I’m not nice without my sleep. And I consistently don’t get enough šŸ™‚

This mixed with my ever increasing stress from 6th year, the topsy turvy attitude I have as regards my subjects and the serious kink all this is putting in my social life, I find my self unexpectedly and resoundingly…happy šŸ™‚ Not that I’m woe is me every hour of the day, but I do have the tendency to over dramatise and embody pessimism. Sometimes.

Mais, oui, le bonheur. Pourquoi?

Le fiche de CAO? Fini.

La vie sociale? Comme ci comme ca, mais tout le monde recoit l’attention šŸ™‚

Le coeur? Contente.

Le sommeil? Non, mais n’est pas important.

Le francais? Because I can. šŸ˜›

Maybe this LC year ain’t so bad.


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