Pathogenic Bacteria and the Fourth Dimension

I’m missing school today. Hurray for whatever is infecting my trachea and lungs. But not really. There’s things to be learned. Like Cathal O Searcaigh poems and integration.

But since there’s nothing can be done, why not write a blog? Yes, they have been sparse lately, and yes, all I ever seem to do on this thing is excuse myself of the neglect I so continually involve myself in, but I think I’m past apologizing. Why waste more screen space?

So as I lay in bed, filling the house with the sound of what can only be described as a man-cough, I once again (dude, this is becoming a pattern) find myself musing on time. Not just in my regular “I am an exam student, now listen to me bitch” kind of way. Well, a little bit, but I haven’t quite got around to reading much Steven Hawking lately. When I do, there’ll be a totally physics based discussion on it. Swear 🙂

But time is flying. Its almost Halloween already and it feels like summer is only just ended. There is only a certain amount of hours in the week and really, I need to utilise them better. I spent like five hours doing my homework yesterday and I’m fairly sure I could have halved that, had I the ability to do anything without first going completely anal retentive on my notes. I wile away sections of the evening that could be perfectly well spent doing some exercise or tidying my room watching that same episode of Scrubs I’ve seen 18 times over and scrounging round the house for food I’m not even hungry for. And I moan about my lack of time for a social life and to see everyone, but if I didn’t insist on going all the way out to the Coach so much, that problem would probably be under wraps too.

So, does one self sabotage themselves as regards time? Are people just inclined towards procrastination? More so in times of stress? Or have I just spent another 28 minutes of my life rationalising my own bad habits? 😛


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