My Head Says No, But My Heart Screams YES!

I went to the UCC open day today. Now, at the start of the year my expected outcome was that I would be working towards UCC with NUI Galway as a back up. But as we all saw a few posts back, I fell in love with Galway with an unbridled passion. I thought perhaps this might have been the excitement of college so I gave it no creddance more than any other institute of higher learning and waited impatiently for Cork.

So up I went today, and the first thing I noticed was the lack of buzz inside me. When I was in Galway, my mother received a ten minute phone call of high pitched rambling on the entire amazingness of it all. Today, it was more like “Yeah…its nice.” However, I must say the medical building itself is outstanding, with my snooping leading my to the window of a skills lab that I just wanted to reach into and touch everything. I also like the no-shit attitude of lecturer who gave the cold hard facts about doing medicine, but playfully adding that if you don’t like patients, don’t worry you can always go into pathology, “They’re dead.”

Perhaps its the size of Cork. With Galway, I felt at home, like Limerick. In Cork, I was like “Holy crap, Cork.” It was a touch overwhelming. Perhaps it was the utter lack of information the accomodation office could give me that rose suspicions inside me. Perhaps, like the title suggests, my gut instinct is overpowering that voice which keeps reminding me of all the people I know in Cork.

A touch torn, yes. But…but I think Galway is going to be put down number one.


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