Weighted Keys and a Total Lack of Time Signature

Everyone seems to be off to the Careers Exhibition in the Racecourse tomorrow morning. Anti-social as I am (or perhaps simply more anti-careers-class than anything else) I have made the decision to stay behind. Out of 80 people, I am one of three. This anti-social behaviour has its upside though; my lack of music class means I will have a double lesson all to myself tomorrow morning – almost unheard of. So tomorrow is D-Day as regards deciding a programme for my practical – scheduled for sometime in the next six months.

Last Monday, I had to play one of my pieces for the student teacher – I whipped out Six Eccossaises by Beethoven, a piece I’ve played so many times, I can do it at light speed with my eyes closed. What I hadn’t counted on was the sheer heaviness of the keys (I have a digital stage piano – much easier on the aul wrists, not so good for dynamics.) In my entire playing career, I can’t recall ever having played a song so horrendously. You wouldn’t think that only two days previous, I had a paying piano gig. So, Beethoven – kinda dodge. My Joplin piece – most definitely dodge. Its still in that horrible learning like a four year old child phase and I’m terrified of even approaching it sometimes. I have high hopes for Traumerei and Somewhere Over The Rainbow though. They just need (as my exam comments noted) more drama.

Singing is another story though. The first two are no brainers, my two pieces for my Grade 8 at Christmas. Throw in an Irish song, My Lagan Love, for good measure. But no programme is complete without at least two weeks of utter confusion. My last choice is between a medieval song with no time signature (Fine Knacks For Ladies) and an utterly chromatic song from a 1950s musical (Love Come Take Me Again) that changes key like 18 million times. Argh.

My usual incapability of making a decision is certainly not helping. Maybe tomorrow someone else will just tell me what to do.


UPDATE: Love, Come Take Me Again is winning. Plus my piano expression sucks.


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