Blogging Through Life

I just read my Dad’s hundredth blog post. Its amazing to think one can get that far. I think this is number 25 for me, and as you can see, I’ve been rather lax about the whole thing lately. Most of my posts are explanations into why I’m not posting or something like that and I apologise verily.

It is often asked by non-bloggers whether us cybernauts have lives. But it’s easy to see that there’s rarely a blog worth reading if the writer isn’t out there living every minute. I’m scattered lately. School, music, time constraints, plus the giant cup full of crazy doesn’t help. But there’s stuff coming up soon that might be worth a mention.

Until then I leave you with this.


One thought on “Blogging Through Life

  1. thanks for including me in your links!

    blogging does take a lot of effort, because once you stop writing, people will stop reading…

    best of luck keeping up the momentum

    (Dr. Ottematic)

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