Its amazing how suddenly the concept of change can occur to you. I woke up the other day and realised I’ll be in 18 in 9 months. Yes, it’s enough time to have a baby in, but still, adulthood is so close you can taste it.

And once you realise this looming age, more things occur. You realise you need to take responsibility for yourself. You need to learn those simple things like using a washing machine and cooking scrambled eggs. You need to start acting somewhat sensible.

But there is also this incredibly liberating freedom. You’re trusted. You get to do fun things like going out and learning to drive. You aquire a new confidence which lets you think for yourself. And all those things that bugged you so much when you were 14, aren’t so important anymore.

You realise that those people you thought were going to be in your life forever are suddenly up and leaving not just your school, but the county and soon you’ll be off too, leaving people behind in the same way. In a few years, maybe you get married. Replace a job with a career. Have kids. And once again, you’ll have an excuse to go see Kung Fu Panda and search out what shops still stock Double Dip.

Plus, no matter what age you are, once you’ve lived through a currency change and a recession, you can finally start saying “Back in my day…” 🙂

Admittedly, the time difference in which all this could happen is the same difference as between now and when I was 7. When I was 7, I couldn’t comprehend even going into secondary school. I was too proud of the fact that I was allowed play on the computer while everyone else was still on readers. These days I plan. Never rest on laurels and all that jazz. And the future seems so clear now.

Hajime Mashite.


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