Neglect (And The Reasoning Behind Neglect)

So I haven’t updated this in like two weeks (and yet my stats have been higher than ever??) and I think that deserves some explanation to all you out there in the blogosphere. Well, more like a ramble of my life since my last post.

1. I will post properly soon. I meant to blog on my trip to Cork in search of educational inspiration, and I will, but I’m off to Galway next week to do the same so there’ll probably be a double post coming soon to a screen near you.

2. Singing. I’m doing weddings with the group, I’m supposed to be getting my own shit together. So far all I have is business cards and a frankly pathetic repertoire. But watch this space.

3. Becoming a party girl. Well, not really. I’m still the same pale-as-paper science-joke-telling music nerd ye all know and love, but now with a brand spanking new social life! :O

Wednesday night was the Coach for results night (5th years will go out and celebrate with the same earnest as the Leaving Certs – our school is that small.) Pinafores and heels, explaining what a soda and lime is, walking about with all the grace I could muster. Quality night all round (til I lost my camera – but twas found.)

Last night, the Debs! It was essentially Results Night, except laden with finery, more people and a lot more drunken stupors (for a lot of people) and going into total Mom-Mode (for me and a few others.) Still, the minding was minimal and once again I lost my camera (found again.) And of course, the spectacular idea of walking from Bowling all the way down to the 24 hour place on the dock road. In heels. In the rain. The pneumonia is in waiting I expect. But these are the memories that stick with you. And with most of my 6th year friends off to college (one of my friends is leaving for Cork in 10 days 😦 ) and the resounding call of pre-med Leaving Cert growing ever closer, these memories are invaluable. I know we all say “Friends Forever” but being the cynic that I am, I know that these moments are going to become less and less frequent until eventually it won’t be those same faces in your memories.

I realise that got very sentimental there at the end. My profuse apologies. This is my version of the morning after.


2 thoughts on “Neglect (And The Reasoning Behind Neglect)

  1. the last part was so emotional. 😦 maybe someday they’ll catch a mild non death threatening disease that you will treat, if worst comes to worst. 🙂

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