Love Me Asleep?

Clearly, from the time posted, I can’t sleep. Hence, the theme change (I miss my old one, but man is this snazzy?) plus my insane rifling through my bebo page and all my leaving cert notes and folders. My room is still a mess and I have yet to write down any of the interesting blog ideas I have stewing away in my brain, but hey, at least it’s a better insomnia activity than world domination á la Tyler Durden.

I do realise that neither of these characters is in fact Tyler Durden. But I’m really not too pushed. I wanted a picture of these fine thespians. Thats what 4am will do to you.

Anywho, back to what my point was. I logged on with the intention of writing down one of my many thoughts and find myself far too sleep deprived to do so, so instead I leave you with my favourite song of the moment. Yes, it is the one from the House ad.

And thus, I present Ludo. Love Me Dead.

And don’t just do what I do when I see a video on a blog and skip it. Its a good listen. Brownie’s honour.


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