Decision Time

Ok, decision time isn’t now, per se. Its a few months from now. But I’m faced with the ‘in the grand scheme of things, maybe it’s not that important, but still argh’ kind of choice, in that, in the off chance I get enough points and the HPAT goes reasonably okay, I am very torn between UCC and NUI Galway. I’m going to check out both colleges over the summer and go to open days and such, but I have pros and cons for both.

Galway I love the city, the accomodation is cheaper

Cork I have a TON of people down in Cork, it’s closer to home

So does anyone have any opinions? Cork or Galway?


2 thoughts on “Decision Time

  1. From Galway and while I love it to bits the weather can be completely awful

    Never really been to cork apart from passing through 😮

    Galway still in my mind has one of the best atmospheres going

    Went to NUIG and really enjoyed my time there even though I’m from there

    no idea what a HPAT is 😮 … I feel old now

  2. HPAT is a new personality test type affair for anyone trying to get into the medical field and is worth a whopping 300 points :O
    Thanks for help! 😀

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