The Art of Oatmeal

Between setting up RSS feeds on my phone (yeah, they finally got me) and watching My Wife and Kids with my mom, it dawned on me to make another attempt at porridge. I must point out that an incident with my sister, some butter and an essential kitchen utensil a few months ago ended in the household becoming microwave-less. Needless to say, my cooking skills still require a little honing. My first try (yesterday morning) was veering in on disastrous. Today, not so bad. And so, I present the Three Golden Rules of  Porridge-Making or The Art of Oatmeal.

Golden Rule #1 – A Big Enough Pot is Essential

This lends itself to rule #2, but basically, oats expands. Quite some bit.

Golden Rule #2 – No Will & Grace Re-Run is More Important Than Watching the Pot

The bag may say simmer for 10 minutes but stepping away from the stove ends up in a mini-explosion. My bad.

Golden Rule #3 – Turn DOWN the heat

Keeping the heat on 5 all the time just ended in milk skin. Which is tough to scrub off after the aforementioned explosion.


Today, my only mistake was making a double serving. I’ll be all learned-up before I leave for college. 12 months is enough time, right? Right?!


UPDATE: Porridge was spot on today. Oh yeah.


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