Explaining Away The Aforementioned Blog

I thought I’d take a second to explain the name.

1.  It was something I tweeted the other day so it required no thought whatsoever.

2. We can lets-pretend that all these rambly blogs are actually nap-related dreams requiring no explanation when I go off on a nonsensical tangent (much like this one.)

3. It is my poor attempt at wit. Oscar Wilde isn’t jealous yet.

Also, some quick questions from a rookie to some more experiences folk:

  • Is there like a nettiquette for adding blogroll links?
  • How necessary is it to know HTML?
  • Is anyone actually reading this?

Muchos gracias in advance.


2 thoughts on “Explaining Away The Aforementioned Blog

  1. To answer your questions:

    1. Some people have netiquette. Some people will email you asking to swap links. For me, a blog roll is a public list of blogs I enjoy reading.

    2. It helps. To make text italicized, you need a short tag, same with bold. Being able to code? Not necessary

    3. Yes

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